flooring installationPreparing Your Home for Installation

Getting ready to have new flooring installed in your home? Congratulations. Chase Flooring installers are trained and certified, and are the best installers in Central Texas. Here are a few tips our installation experts put together to help you get ready for Installation Day at your home.

  • Heating – Be sure your home temperature is set to a minimum of 65 degrees at least 24 hours before and after the installation.
  • Cabinets and table tops – Remove anything that may fall during installation from your cabinets and table tops.
  • Walls – Remove or tie back draperies at last 36” from the floor. Remove any low-hanging pictures or wall hangings.
  • Old flooring – Removal of old flooring is most often necessary. We can provide this service with charges based on the amount of time spent on the job.
  • Closets – Clear out closets and storage areas. Remove any low-hanging clothing so there is at least 36” of space above the floor.
  • Doors – After installation, your doors may need to be trimmed. We can recommend the proper professional.
  • Furniture – Furniture must be removed prior to installation. We can provide this service, which may require an additional charge. Pool tables, grand pianos, wood stoves, etc. must be moved by professionals and should be taken care of before installation. Some items, such as aquariums, waterbeds, grandfather clocks and console pianos, may require special handling.
  • Appliances and electronic equipment – Make arrangements for disconnections of all appliances prior to installation. Remove stereos, computers and other electronic equipment.
  • Scheduling – Flooring will be installed on schedule. However, the date or time may need adjustment due to circumstances beyond our control.